pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.62 no.3 (2020)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2020.62.3.003

전체주의적 관점에서 본 오웰의 『1984』와 한강의 『채식주의자』



This study aims to analyze the similarities of totalitarian notion between George Orwell’s view of Totalitarianism embodied in Nineteen Eighty-Four and oppressive group consciousness implicated in Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. Both of the works address that the societies controlled by violence and one dominant ideology force the minority to become the mentally ill, regardless of whether it is a totalitarian or democratic society. Winston in 1984 and Young-Hye in The Vegetarian face their guilty consciences in each dream which originates from bad experiences in their young age. The both meet their partners each who can support and understand them during the resistance against the system, but their rebellions fail. In the end, they are reduced to be changed into part of the system or become mentally ill. Two works demonstrate that it is the totalitarian society that doesn’t acknowledge personal differences, irrespective of certain age or system. Nevertheless, it is possible to expect more optimistic future toward a more open society in that In-Hye, Young-Hye’s elder sister in The Vegetarian,. shows us more mature perspective enough to recognize her identity and to accept minorities, compared to the world of 1984.
  『1984』; 『채식주의자』; 전체주의적 사고; 강압적인 집단 의식; 정신병자;Nineteen Eighty-Four; The Vegetarian; totalitarian notion; oppressive group consciousness; the mentally ill

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