pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.62 no.4 (2020)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2020.62.4.015

「사과를 따고 나서」에 구현된 은유에 대한 인지적 표상



This paper describes conceptual blending theory and cognitive neuroscience, displaying that literary language settles down cognitive science and cognitive linguistics. The appearance of the cognitive linguistics set the stage for the consideration of metaphor. Metaphor pervades everyday language, thought and behavior, and not just poetic language. Robert Frost searches for his poetic materials in the surrounding nature and human society, and speaks through his poetic personae in plain and simple tone in his poetry his deep insights of human life. He exposes the difficulties and hazards we meet in the course of life without concealment, but creates the human figures who do not resign or surrender. Paul Churchland asserts the theory of representation from researches of cognitive neurology. Based on the representational theory, representations of our body and brain can be expressed as the positions of phase state spaces by neuron exercise. Also I raise questions based on both the theory of cognitive science and the conceptual theory. More widely, within the theory of cognitive science, I apply those theories to a poem titled “After Apple-Picking.” This approach provides that the critical idea in consilience has raised questions as to our fundamental principles and given them new ingenious theories.
  인지언어학; 은유; 사과를 따고 나서; 신경망; 개념적 혼성이론 ;cognitive linguistics; metaphor; After Apple-Picking; neural network; conceptual blending theory

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