pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.63 no.3 (2021)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2021.63.3.002

홉킨스가 동시대 시에 미친 영향 : 홉킨스와 딕슨의 서간문을 중심으로



This essay aims to analyze the influence of Hopkins’s critiques of Dixon’s poetry, found mainly in letters exchanged between Hopkins and Dixon. Dixon’s poems, featuring the characteristic of a Pre-Raphaelite in his young age, hadn’t drawn much attention. After starting a corresponding with Hopkins, he restarted his writing and published poems influenced by Hopkins’s critiques. Hopkins’s influence on Dixon could be categorized as direct and indirect. First, Dixon directly took to heart Hopkins’s corrections like those found in “Life and Death” and “The Spirit Wooed.” Therefore, Dixon chose not to publish many poems after receiving a negative critique from Hopkins. This could be seen as indirect and negative effects resulting from Hopkins’s critiques. However, in most cases Hopkins’s words had a significant positive influence, as proved by “Ode to an advancing age.” This shows Dixon took on Hopkins’s poetic theory and experimental style such as sprung rhythm to improve his poetic skills. Contemporary critics praised him for the freer style in the rhythm and elongated poetic dictions, all shadowing the character of Hopkins’s poetics. This means Hopkins’s new revolutionary poetic skill would have a chance of being warmly received and that Hopkins’s poetry thusly gained the power to spread during his lifetime.
  제라드 맨리 홉 킨스,리차드 와슨 딕슨,서간문,영향,동시대성

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