pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.61 no.1 (2019)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2019.61.1.005

가사노동을 통한 사회로의 진입 : 『다이앤서가 한 일』



This paper examines the significance and recognition of domestic labor as a means to free women from their domestic obligation and androcracy in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s What Diantha Did. In Women and Economics, Gilman analyzes the sexuo-economic relation between men and women, and asserts the importance of economic independence of women on men. Futhermore, Gilman sets forth her views that reorganizing domestic labor as a specialized and public work is that women could attain the economic power through the most practical method. Gilman presents a memorable story through heroine Diantha Bell starts her career with domestic labor and to be a successful business woman. Gilman looks forward to changes in the structures of society as a necessary part of domestic revolution and concentrates on increasing the efficiency of capitalistic system. Diantha proves to employer’s family and community the benefits of professionalized housekeeping. What Diantha Did connotes Gilman’s feminist utopian, and Gilman publishes other utopian novels such as Herland, The Crux. But Gilman wants to be called a humanist not a feminist. Because her visions are idealized the gender equality and progress of society.
  샬롯 퍼킨스 길먼; 가사노동; 경제적 독립; 성적 경제 관계; 여성과 경제학;Charlotte Perkins Gilman; domestic labor; economicindependence; sexuo-economic system; Women and Economics

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