pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.62 no.1 (2020)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2020.62.1.010

『미지의 땅』에 구현된 크리스토퍼 콜럼버스의 재조명을 위한 마리아 아이린 포네즈의 세 가지 전략 연구



This paper aims at probing into Maria Irene Fornes’s three strategies for reevaluating Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer and colonizer, in Terra Incognita. The first strategy is to induce readers/audiences to compare Columbus with Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator by giving basic information on the Prince at the beginning of the play. The second strategy is to dramatize Columbus’s merits and demerits embodied by demented Burt. She dramatizes Columbus as a skillful sailor with his plentiful knowledge in earth science and his indomitable spirit, a scrupulous businessman who amassed great wealth due to the contact with the West Indies, and an incompetent administrator who misruled the West Indies in the process of colonization. The third strategy is to juxtapose Columbus with Steve’s quotation of Barolomé de las Casas’s History of the Indies to accuse the Spaniards’ atrocities and to expose indirectly the religious hypocrisy of Columbus known as a devout Catholic. His acquiescence in the atrocities against the indigenous people in the West Indies reveals that his avarice for money and gold was much greater than his faith to convert them to Catholocism. Therefore, Fornes succeeds in reevaluating Columbus as a skillful sailor, a scrupulous businessman, an incompetent administrator, and a hypocritical Catholic, connecting him with a Portuguese Prince Henry and a Spanish Las Casas.
  바르톨로메 데 라스 카사스; 크리스토퍼 콜럼버스; 마리아 아이린 포네즈; 항해왕자 헨리; 『미지의 땅』;Bartolomé de las Casas; Christopher Columbus; Maria Irene Fornes; Prince Henry the Navigator; Terra Incognita

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