pISSN: 1598-3293

영어영문학연구, Vol.66 no.1 (2024)

DOI : 10.18853/jjell.2024.66.1.001

피와 분노의 여정으로 얼룩진 트라우마 서사 읽기 : 알레시아 해리스의 『이즈 갓 이즈』를 중심으로



This paper analyzes the process and pattern of repressed trauma and violence in Black families centered on the keyword “anger.” Aleshea Harris presents a deep meditation on the ways in which anger generated by trauma spreads to the next generation and how this transfer affects their lives. Is God Is sheds light on the lives of Black twin sisters who suffered burns from a terrible fire set by their father. Mama’s story makes them angry with the man who committed such terrible things against them, and so they set out on a journey to punish him. Mama shows her body, scarred by the burning, and it becomes a trigger that unlocks the sisters’ repressed anger. In anger, they yearn to take revenge on the man who ruined their lives. The sisters’ anger, suppressed until their meeting with Mama, unleashes a violent act of murder that destroys the man. Racine and Anaia were victims of violence, but they later become perpetrators of violence against others. The most tragic aspect of the trauma is that the next generation cannot find a way out of the terrible reality nor understand the true source of their pain. Is God Is deals with how violence reverberates within a family through a story of trauma that tragically dismantles a family in a vicious cycle of unresolved violence.
  아프리칸 아메리칸,알레시아 해리스,분노,인종,트라우마

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